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Always busy with your business? Wishing you had the same amount of time to invest in your own brand as your business?You’re not alone. Most coaches, consultants, and business owners don't have the time to manage their business and manage a brand across all platforms. On top of that, learning what's working, how to grow, and how to make the algorithm work in your favor for 5-6 different platforms can be a full time job itself.That's where we come in. We are not your typical marketing agency that does anything and everything under the sun. We focus ONLY on video marketing that helps realize your social media potential and blow you up on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

But imagine...

Similar to your business, you want systems that basically run on autopilot. Our team takes all the headache out of content creation by handling every aspect from: Content Planning and Scripting, Professional Editing, Posting, Captions, and Everything in between. All of that so you can spend more time here ->ORGANIC CONTENT CREATION IS ALL WE DO.
And we do it without you spending a DIME on ads...
We want to showcase the best of YOU and give you the freedom to focus on you business, while we take care of blowing up a brand that you can monetize!

How we do it

Step 1: Audience Research and Deep Dive

We’ll do comprehensive research on your ideal customer audience. It’s critical to understand what makes people love you and what unique value you provide that people want to hear. We will then take a deep dive into understanding your competitors, the content they are producing, and where we can create unfair advantages. Everyone has an unfair advantage but you have to be able to showcase that through all the content you produce.

Step 2: Content Planning and Scripting

Our team will create content ideas and scripting based on content you have, content you can create in the future, or content that you have created in the past that needs a rework. We take pride in creating or reworking compelling scripts that maximize watch time. These allow for specific emphasis in your speech to keep the viewer engaged in your content from beginning to end.

Step 3: Content Filming

Filming can be the toughest task so we make it easy. We will either help get you set up with the right tools to film things yourself or we can come to you to batch content! We can shoot anywhere from 1-3 months within a day so you won't have to stress about filming every single day. You won't have to allot any additional time in your busy schedule to sit in front of the camera.

Step 4: Editing, Posting, and Iterating

This is where the time saving piece comes in. On average, each piece of short form content takes 1 hour to edit. It takes even more time to analyze what was working, how to restructure it to potentially reuse, and how to iterate on it for maximum performance. We handle everything in house and don't stop after the video is done and posted. We continuously sift through your content and find pieces that might be best suited for what the algorithm wants!


New York Excelsior - Overwatch League Team

✔ From 5k > 36.5k+ followers on TikTok organically!
✔ Created the third largest TikTok following in the Overwatch League. (On track to overtake 2nd within the month)
✔ Built a highly engaged, extremely niche, and 100% organic global audience using TikTok content that set the trends for other Overwatch League Teams.

Our Team

Alex Ames

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Serial Entrepreneur and Ex-Marketing Executive on a mission to create the most impactful TikTok branding agency in the world.
I'm a chronic builder and learner currently living in Orange County, CA. In my free time, I'm attempting to tan at the beach, working out or playing golf.

Haley Evrard

Co-Founder / Chief Creative Officer

A girl who films a lot, edits a lot, and is passionate about finding out the most innovative and effective ways to blow up any brand on TikTok.
When I'm not working I'm playing Overwatch, collecting Squishmallows, or exploring the great city of Niagara Falls, New York.

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✔ 7, 8, & 9 figure entrepreneurs who always put their own personal brand on the back burner.
✔ People who have an important message to share with the world, but don't have the time to strategize, edit, and post videos themselves.
✔ Businesses looking to turn their stale and ineffective marketing into a winning strategy by using video.
✔ Businesses looking to maximize their social media profiles and get results.

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